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Nationally, homeowners will spend around $185 for an earwig control service. The total cost for exterminating earwigs will be determined by things like home size, indoor vs outdoor, and the level of control needed to exterminate the earwigs.

If you have more than a few black pincher bugs, you could have a serious problem. Learn about earwig control treatment here, including costs and more.

Nobody wants to look at their carpet and see anything small moving across it—least of all anything with what looks like a dangerous pincer. If you happen to be in such a situation, solutions exist to remove them from your home on a permanent basis.
If you need a bit of earwig control in your home, this article should answer all your questions. Below is all the information you need to have the peace of mind you need.

Earwig Removal Services

What Are Earwigs?

“Earwigs” are any one of a great many species of small six-legged bugs. These ones are identifiable by having unique pincers on their rear abdomen. While they do have small wings, they are rarely used.
Also, the creatures are more likely to hide in small crevices in wood and rocks than out in the open.
While they are often a garden pest, they are unlikely to come inside the house. Discovering one in a building suggests that wet wood or similar conditions exist in the home.
They are often found at night rather than during the day. This is troubling if you find a large number during your waking hours. It means there are even more moving around when the lights go out.

How to Identify an Earwig

These creatures tend to be short, flat brown insects. They have antennae much like a cockroach but sport a large pair of pincers from their rear. While these are not powerful enough to hurt a human, they look intimidating at the very least.
They can be up to one inch long in their largest adult variety and sometimes have red stripes on their bodies. You may also see them using wings, although they are not strong fliers, so they tend not to make use of them.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

That pincer is fortunately not much use against humans. They sometimes use it to defend against other insects. The worst some species of earwig can do to a human is give off a noxious odor.
Aside from that, they are completely harmless to people.
One common myth about earwigs is that they crawl into animals’ and humans’ ear canals to lay their eggs. This has never happened in recorded history.
While they may like dark, wet places, if an earwig ever entered a human’s ear, it would not be a pleasant experience for either party. For this reason, they have not evolved to do this.

How Much Does Earwig Control Cost?

While earwigs are not harmful, finding a great many in the home can be something that you want to prevent. Simply put, they are not a pleasant insect to have around.
Control of the bugs can cost $185-$300 for the initial removal, depending on the pest controller.
Another factor affecting the cost is the size of the infestation. Should the problem return, it may end up increasing the price of removal. You should discuss your options with your local pest controller for more information.

What Are My Next Steps?

Now you have learned about earwig control and what it takes to get rid of them.
There are many pest controllers across the country who can remove such pests. You can learn more about these pests and the costs involved when you compare quotes from your local area and check out our other cost guides.

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