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The national average cost to exterminate Silverfish is $162. Do you need an exterminator for silverfish? Wondering how much do silverfish exterminators cost in your area? This guide will answer those questions.

Silverfish (commonly confused with earwigs) are silver-colored insects that crawl around on their six spindly legs. They can be quite terrifying to behold, and part of this may have to do with their primitive look and biology.

Silverfish exterminators locate silverfish nests in and around buildings. They then spray the nests with pesticides. In some cases, diatomaceous earth is also used to discourage silverfish reproduction and spread.

Silverfish Exterminators

How Much Will Silverfish Control Services Cost?

The average cost of silverfish extermination services varies from company to company. Also, the location of the silverfish infestation may influence the final service price.

For example, silverfish nests found in the most common home areas (such as the bathroom and kitchen) tend to be easier to remediate and destroy than nests located in hard-to-reach areas like an attic.

Still, most residents, homeowners, and business owners can expect to spend between $200 and $700 to rid themselves of these silvery pests.

Where do Silverfish Come From?

Like most pests and insects that end up infiltrating a home or business, silverfish come from the outdoors. They prefer dark, damp, warm environments. If you live in a warm area with high humidity and plenty of leaf cover, you may see silverfish.

When these bugs decide to make the indoors their new home, it’s usually because they’ve found a wet, warm area to make their nest in. Bathrooms and kitchens tend to harbor more silverfish than other areas of a home.

However, if your roof is leaking or improperly maintained, silverfish can also infest your attic areas. The same is true of basements. For this reason, consistent home maintenance and pest control are essential.

What Do Silverfish Eat?

Silverfish aren’t picky eaters. They tend to feast on sugars and adhesives. As such, they can dine on nearly any food in your pantry or fridge. But they can also munch on stamps, glue, and paint. As such, your entire home could be a silverfish snack.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

Silverfish are not dangerous. While there are plenty of urban legends surrounding these primordial-looking insects, they do not pose a significant health risk to humans. They don’t burrow into your ears or carry dangerous bacteria.

Still, the tiny legs of these insects can transport a small amount of debris or bacteria, especially if they’ve been crawling around in your trash can. As such, it’s better to hire an exterminator as soon as you spot them.

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Silverfish are pesky pests that can make any home feel slightly less livable. While they don’t pose as many risks as cockroaches, termites, or fleas, it’s best to get rid of them sooner rather than later, especially if you find them in your pantry!

Silverfish exterminators can help you destroy this pest problem. After an exterminator has completed their work on your home, you can rest easy knowing that your family is safe from these silvery critters.

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