How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost? | Find Squirrel Control Services

At around $200, the cost of squirrel removal is not very expensive. On the highest end, homeowners might need to spend up to $700 for larger squirrel control services. Here’s what you need to know.

Squirrels may look harmless, but they can cause serious damage and may be a health risk. Learn how much squirrel removal costs right here.

As cute as squirrels can be, they can be a huge hassle when they show up in your yard! No matter how fuzzy and adorable these little rodents may be, they can cause serious damage and can be hard to get rid of.

If you’re looking to get your squirrel problem under control, It’s probably best to hire a professional. Squirrels can carry some pretty nasty stuff! Here are some of the most important things to know when looking for a squirrel removal service.

Squirrel Removal Services

What’s Wrong with Squirrels?

It may seem a little bit silly to pay pest control to get rid of animals that you see on a daily basis around town. However, roaming squirrels in community spaces are mostly harmless in comparison to the ones that set up shop on your property. There are many types of squirrels, such as:

  • Red Squirrel
  • Flying Squirrel
  • Ground Squirrel
  • Tamias
  • Tree Squirrels
  • Marmot

Like most other wild animals, squirrels can carry some pretty nasty stuff around. This includes things like fleas, ticks, and even certain diseases. So, while passing one on the street is probably no big deal, having one inside your walls could actually lead to serious health problems.

Even if your squirrel neighbors are disease-free, they can still do some pretty significant damage to your house. They like to chew on everything, including wires and insulation. If they find their way into your walls, you can rest assured that you’ll be fighting bite marks on your home hardware!

When Do You Need Squirrel Removal Services?

There are a few ways to tell that it’s time to hire a squirrel removal service.

The most noticeable one is probably the noise that squirrels will make. If they’re crawling around inside your walls, you’ll know it. They’re not particularly sneaky creatures and are known to make scratching and thumping sounds as they scurry around your walls.

You can also look for visual signs of a squirrel infestation. If you start to notice holes on the exterior of your house or even in your yard, squirrels may be the culprit. They can also cause damage to gutters, bird feeders, and plants around your garden.

How Does Squirrel Removal Work?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get rid of squirrels that are still humane to our furry friends. For example, ultrasonic squirrel repellers create a high-pitched noise that repels these rodents. If you’re looking for something more traditional, you might look into traps, which can be used to catch and release squirrel intruders.

A pest control professional might also recommend one-way exclusion doors, which allow squirrels to exit the home but don’t allow them to re-enter. This is a great option to make sure that the squirrels aren’t able to return through the same entrances they created.

The Cost For Squirrel Control Service

Like any other pest removal process, the cost of squirrel removal is going to vary based on the circumstance. If you’re only dealing with a handful of squirrels, your cost could be as low as $200. However, depending on how widespread your infestation is, you could end up spending up to $700 in severe cases.

  • $330 Total National Average Cost
  • $125 Cost for 3-4 squirrel traps
  • $75 Relocation of squirrels
  • $130 Approximate Hour Labor Rate

Squirrel Removal: The Bottom Line

While a lot of aspects of pest control will vary based on the situation, there are a few things about squirrel removal that you can count on no matter what. Whether you’re worried about disease, damage, or just plain noise, it’s best to get these critters out of your home (not only for your health, but for theirs.)

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