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Nationally, homeowners will spend around $130 for a fly control service. The total cost for exterminating flies will be determined by things like home size, indoor vs outdoor, and the level of control needed to exterminate the flies.

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Fly Removal Services

Nobody enjoys having house flies in their home. Our guide will review different solutions and offer practical advice on house fly control and removal.

Warm weather brings flies—one of our most hated pests. Some types of flies bite and all of them are germy. They’re attracted to dead or decaying materials like trash and rotten vegetation.

Flies zoom around peoples’ faces with their irritating, high-pitched buzz, and they must be constantly swatted away and shooed off plates.

It’s even worse if they get inside your house. Too fast for human reflexes, they can be very hard to catch and expel. Nobody enjoys having house flies in their home!

Our guide to fixing your problem will review different solutions and offer practical advice on the next steps you can take. Good house fly control is now within your reach.

Why Having Flies in Your House Is Bad

Did you know that flies have to vomit on their food before they can start eating?

Flies love to crawl on rotten, dead, smelly materials, so they’re already full of bacteria. Then they have to puke up enzymes on their next meal before they can start to eat again.

When they land on your french fry, you’ve guessed it—they rub those bacteria and viruses all over it after they throw up on it. Gross!

Once they get inside your home, they’re free to buzz around and contaminate everything as they go. The germs aren’t visible, but they still threaten your health.

Several types of flies inhabit North America. House flies, fruit flies, and horse flies are the most common. If you live in a region with a lot of flies, it’s important that you know your options for locating a good house fly exterminator.

House Fly Control Methods Exterminators Use

One or two flies inside the house are bad enough. However, if you tend to have five or more, we recommend a few steps that will finally render this nasty pest extinct.

How do you control house flies? Exterminators typically check for any puddles of standing water in places like sink drains, dish racks, and the bottoms of trash cans. Little puddles are easy for humans to overlook, but breeding flies prefer to lay eggs there.

Next, an exterminator will go through your pantry and look for bags of old potatoes or fruit that may be going bad. Flies are drawn to sweet or stinky smells. Smelly food indicates decay, and catching it early is a good way to fend them off.

If you have a cat, indoor rabbit, or small rodent, be sure their litter box or aquarium is clean. If their poop accumulates, it will draw flies who’ll feast on it and then lay their eggs.

Flystrike is a serious health and safety threat to your pet. You don’t want maggots to attack your furry friend!

Fly Removal Costs

Most people pay exterminators around $100-$300 for basic professional fly removal. It’s usually a one-time appointment that involves setting traps and looking for ways to minimize decay and moisture.

If you choose to sign up for ongoing exterminator services, subscription costs will run around $40 a month or $100-$300 quarterly. Subscription plans make sense if you live in a warm area where flies are a problem year-round.

Other costs will depend on what supplies and tools you use to keep flies at bay. If you use automatic spray dispensers, you’ll pay around $30 per unit.

Traps, flypaper, and fly zappers are also available for around $5-$40 each. UV light traps cost around $35 to $250.
It’s important to note that if you prefer to go organic and avoid chemical products, you have options. A venus fly trap plant costs around $10-$15.

Flies also hate certain herbs and essential oils like basil, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass. If you want to use a quality diffuser to distribute these scents in your home, you can expect to pay around $25 and up.

How We Can Help You

If you’ve tried a variety of home remedies and set fly traps, but nothing is working, we can help!
Feel free to check out our blog for more fly removal tips. You can refer to our pricing guidelines for more details about professional house fly control.

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