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To control ticks, homeowners will spend an average of $70 – $160 for every half-acre of land sprayed.

Ticks and fleas can carry many diseases, but how much does tick control cost? This guide explains what you can expect to pay for tick and flea control.

Each year in the U.S., nearly 50,000 cases of tickborne diseases are reported to the CDC. The most common, and the most well-known, is Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease can cause painful rashes, fever, chills, fatigue, and body aches. If left untreated, the symptoms become far more serious. The disease can even cause lasting neurological problems, joint pain, and more.

If you think that ticks are something you can only come into contact with while in the woods, think again.

Ticks can also be found in backyards across the country. Tick control can help you keep yourself and your family safe from painful, dangerous bites. But how much does it cost? Keep reading to find out.

Tick Control

How Much Does Tick Control Service Cost?

Overall, you can expect to spend about $100 to spray your yard for ticks. When you discover a tick in your yard, you’ll likely have a lot of questions. The first will likely be how to get rid of ticks. The second will be about the cost to treat your tick problem.

Unfortunately, the second question doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. That’s because tick infestations vary widely. And the level of infestation will affect how exterminators treat the problem.

If you believe that you may have a tick problem in your yard, the best thing you can do is contact a local exterminator to get a quote for their services.

Can You Treat Your Yard For Ticks?

When it comes to how to control ticks in your yard, there are a variety of products available that you can use yourself. However, if you have a serious infestation and want to make sure to get rid of the problem, it’s best to trust the professionals.

However, there are some things that you can do to keep your yard safe from ticks after treatment. Getting rid of yard debris like fall leaves or low-lying shrubs will help eliminate places where ticks live. Cutting your grass regularly and picking up the trimmings will do the same.

If your yard borders a forest or has shady, tree-lined areas, create a barrier that’s at least 3-foot wide and line it with wood chips or gravel. This will help deter ticks from moving into your yard.

Deer and rodents can carry ticks into your yard. Getting rid of plants that they like eating can help keep wildlife from spreading ticks in your yard.

How Do Exterminators Kill Ticks?

When you call an exterminator, they’ll start by assessing your yard. They’ll identify problem areas where ticks are likely hiding.

Then, they’ll tackle your tick problem using powerful chemical treatments that eliminate any ticks, eggs, and larvae present throughout your yard.

What Happens if You’re Bitten By a Tick?

Unlike other insect bites, when a tick bites you, odds are that you won’t notice it right away.
Instead, you’ll likely notice later on, when the site of the bite begins to hurt and the skin around it swells. You may develop a rash or blisters. The area around the bite may also burn.

If the tick that bit you was carrying a disease, you’ll develop other symptoms, like headaches, a full-body rash, fever, muscle pain, and more.

After safely removing the tick, monitoring your body for serious symptoms, and seeking medical attention if those do develop, it’s time to treat your tick problem.

If you need tick control in your yard, contact us today for a quote and let us rid your yard of pests.

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