How Much Does Raccoon Removal Cost? | Find Raccoon Control Near You

The cost to remove raccoons will run around $80 per trap, $77 for the inspection, and between $275-$300 for removing dead raccoons and their nests.

How much does raccoon removal cost in your area? How do exterminators get rid of raccoons? Is it worth it?

Raccoons can be a nightmare to deal with as they’re cunning, fast, and can leave an enormous mess in your home. They are identified by their black ‘mask’ on their faces, striped tails, and stocky bodies.

Raccoons have been around for more than 40,000 years. That means they’re resilient and adaptable.

That’s why there is more than 20 times the number of raccoons in cities than 70 years ago.

Raccoons often find their way into homes through chimneys, attics, or windows. This happens more often when female raccoons are ready to give birth. They tend to seek warm, dry spaces during that time.

If you’re looking to understand raccoon removal cost, you’ve come to the right article.

Raccoon Removal Services

Breaking Down Raccoon Removal Cost

While you might be tempted to kill the raccoons in your home, effective, safe removal is cheaper. It generally costs more to remove dead animals than live ones.

Animals can die inside walls or other hard to reach areas (like a chimney). If left, they will rot and make your living space unusable.

Wildlife regulations also dictate that you should have special training to remove raccoons safely and relocate them. It is also illegal to kill raccoons with traps in some states. Raccoon removal should be left to professional removal services.

Factors for Cost

How much does it cost to remove raccoons? Several key factors affect the cost of dealing with pests like raccoons. The number of pests you have and the severity of infestation are the most important factors.

After that, costs can rise for multiple visits to release and reset traps.

Here is a quick rundown of approximate costs:

  • Live trap: $80-$100 per trap or raccoon
  • Inspection: $75-$100 per inspection
  • Dead raccoon removal cost: $275-$300 per animal
  • Removing raccoon nests: $500 per nest
  • Installing barriers: $10-$20 per foot
  • Damage repair to drywall, HVAC, or insulation: $100-$1,000 per repair
  • Cleanup and sanitizing: $500 per cleanup

The average cost of raccoon removal? Somewhere in the middle of $155 and $2,100 (around $1,200). As you can see, the cost varies significantly.

Removing raccoons yourself—lethally—can be illegal in some states, as pointed out above. Some DIY stores do sell deterrents, but most do not work as advertised. Raccoons can be deceptively resilient.

Raccoons are also dangerous if you try to handle them yourself. While a raccoon cannot kill you, they can scratch you or bite, possibly causing infections.

Considerations and Extra Costs

Try to locate a company that carries out both raccoon removal and cleanup/repairs. That way, you only have to negotiate one rate for the service. You also avoid paying two inspection fees.

Speaking of multiple inspections, some companies charge inspection fees for each visit. They may also fluctuate in price depending on the purpose of the examination.

Live animal extermination will be more costly than relocation and even dead animal removal.

Lastly, some repairs may be covered within your home insurance policy—make sure to check this before paying anything.

Staying Safe

Raccoons are full of diseases and often bring ticks and fleas into the house. Their ability to eat almost anything has given them a coating of germs you don’t want in your home.

Make sure you hire a professional raccoon removal team to avoid fees for illegal activity and make sure your home is taken care of. Removing raccoons yourself can be dirty and can end up costing you more down the road if not carried out correctly.

For more information on raccoon removal costs, contact our professional team. We’ll walk you through the steps so you can stay safe and keep your home clean

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