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As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay an average of $110 to hire moth control companies. Wonder exactly how much does moth control cost? How do exterminators get rid of moths? Is it worth it? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’ve got a moth infestation, the good news is that it’s one of the most inexpensive pest problems to fix.

Unlike bed bugs and roaches, moth extermination methods are highly effective in eliminating the problem.

So how much can you expect to shell out for a moth control service? Don’t pick-up the phone before reading this.

Moth Exterminator

What’s Your Moth Problem?

Moth infestations come in all shapes and sizes. A pest control professional will assess the type of moths you have and where they are located will alter the cost of treatment. In general moth pest control can range from $90 – $250 depending on your unique moth situation.

Lawn and house moths are the most affordable infestations to treat. Expect to pay $90 to $175 for a lawn or house moth problem. House moth infestations occur in the home while lawn moth infestations happen outside.

Winter, gypsy, codling, oriental, and potato tuber moth extermination can cost anywhere from $100 to $150. All of these types of moths typically occur outside of the home.

The second most expensive types of moths to treat are the pantry, carpet, and boxwood moths.  Treating each of these infestations will cost roughly $120 to $200. Pantry and carpet moths are found in the home and boxwood moths are found outside.

Clothes, rice, and wax moths are the most expensive species of moths to exterminate. These types of moths will cost $150 to $250 to get rid of. Rice and clothes moths prefer indoors while wax moths target beehives.

Moth Pest Control Methods

There are a handful of different methods used to exterminate moths. Pest control methods have different price tags. The methods that are chosen will depend on the size and location of your infestation.

The most affordable ways to remove moths are by the use of Trichogramma or parasitic wasps or chemicals. Parasitic wasps are extremely small and destroy the eggs and larvae of moths. Chemicals like pesticides and parasitic moths will cost roughly $90 to $100.

Heat and fumigation are the more expensive methods for exterminating moths. Both heat and fumigation will cost anywhere from $120 to $300 or more. The range of price is generally geared towards fumigation.

Fumigation prices vary depending on the size of the home. A one-bedroom condo will be much more affordable to treat than a five-bedroom house. Both heat and fumigation are usually reserved for more severe indoor infestations.

Moth Control Costs 

Moths can be annoying but a couple of hundred dollars and a few hours of your time can remove the problem from your life forever. In general, a moth control service can cost as little as $90 and as much as $300 or more depending on how big of a problem you have.

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