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In Los Angeles pest control services cost around $228 for a one-time treatment, and/or between $35 – $52 for weekly services. Here’s what you need to know before you hire a pest control company Pest Controlin your area

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If you live in Los Angeles, CA, and need pest control, you should know which service fits your budget. When considering pest control cost, follow this guide.

If you’re lucky and aren’t stuck in rush-hour traffic constantly, you may get to spend a few moments at home every day. So to discover your home is infested with rodents, insects, or worse?

Yuck. You need a pest control professional ASAP. Use this guide to gauge what pest control costs will look like in the L.A. area.

Reliable Pest Control Companies in the Los Angeles area:

Ronin Pest Control
7610 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Tanler Termite and Pest Control
8939 S Sepulveda Blvd #110
Los Angeles, CA 90045

1053 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Pest Control quotes within 50 miles of these zip codes: 91605, 91606, 91607, 91601, 91602, 91604, 91506, 91504, 91501

Pest control  services are also available in these nearby Los Angeles cities: Long Beach, CA; Anaheim, CA; Irvine, CA; Riverside, CA; Palmdale, CA


Average Pest Control Costs

The national average for a pest control visit was $170. Ranges for pest removal can vary, as low as $100 or higher than $1000 in specific circumstances.

Fortunately, most pest control companies will provide free quotes on-site to give you a better range of what you’re looking to spend on their services.

If you need periodic and consistent visits by pest control professionals, your prices can range as well.

Monthly rates can be anywhere from $20-$50. Bi-monthly charges are $50-$60. And Quarterly visits (every three months) range from $100-$300.

Keep in mind that some exterminators will charge extra for every 1,000 square feet above a set limit of space, often around 1,500 square feet. Make note of these additional charges when you go to hire a professional exterminator.

Pest Control Services

Because Los Angeles is such a large city, pest removal and the associated costs will differ from area to area (and depending on the size of your home).

Here’s a list that might give you a better idea of costs per service, depending on the types of pests:

  • Ants — $250+
  • Termites — $1000-$3000 (does not include repairs)
  • Bats and Birds– $170-$430
  • Bed Bugs — # of rooms x $200-$400
  • Bees — $200-$500
  • Carpenter Ants — $500 (for initial spray, does not include repairs)
  • Carpet Beetles — $250
  • Cockroaches — $300+
  • Fleas — $100-$300
  • Mice, Rats, and Small Animals — $300+
  • Spiders — $200
  • Ticks — $150-$200
  • Wasps — $200-$500
  • Weevils –$100-$300

Depending on your pest, you may require more visits to your home. Your contractor may recommend regular check-ups, to ensure your home stays in good condition.

And if pests return seasonally, stick to the contractor’s plan to try and prevent future infestations.

Best Pest Control Companies In the L.A. Area

Western Exterminator has ridden homes in Los Angeles of their pests for over 90 years. They offer premier termite control, fumigation, and protection plans to ensure your home is safe. They offer one of the most comprehensive termite treatment plans in L.A.

Pest Control Services

Excel Pest Management prides itself on eco-friendly pest removal solutions, catering to specific niche pests on a case-by-case basis.

Ronin Pest Control regularly offers specials depending on the pest and the season. Right now they’re offering a rat and mouse special and have a total elimination chart of over 23 different pest types, including scorpions and plant-eating mealybugs.

Pest Control Treatment Timelines

Two factors are involved here: the materials used to treat the pests, and just how stubborn those pests are. As a cover-all, expect roaches, spiders, moths, and others to last for a few months, potentially requiring more than one treatment.

The process is rather simple. A technician will enter the home and spray high-grade pesticides in infected areas, the baseboards, and potentially the exterior of the home. Typically this is done as a preventative from further pests from entering the home.

Because these treatments lessen in effectiveness over time, a single treatment doesn’t guarantee you’re out of the woods forever. A professional pest control contractor can provide you with the best defensive strategy for you and your home.

When consulting your contractor, note their varying guarantees. Certain companies will offer free additional treatments if pests return before the given length of time.

Ant Treatment

Ant treatments depend on the severity of the infestation. Expect monthly visits to your home for a minimum of three months. After this, you can operate on a month-to-month basis, ideally lasting no longer than six total.

An inspector will search out and destroy the anthill using a special pesticide to prevent further infestations.

Continue to monitor the once-infested areas of your home, as you may require quarterly visits going forward.

Termite Treatment

Modern termite treatments are particularly effective and last quite some time. Liquid treatments, for example, can last up to five years.

This kind of treatment involves the use of liquid pesticides and takes time to apply. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment and can’t guarantee to kill the colony itself, which is why there are other methods of termite extermination.

Baiting stations are a less invasive way to treat termite infestations. Your technician will install these around your property. When a termite takes the bait, they’ll carry it back to the colony where a small, but the lethal dosage of pesticide will eliminate them.

This process can be time-consuming, depending on how stubborn the termites are at taking the bait, but it is more environmentally-friendly than the liquid treatments.


Bonus Tips for Hiring a Pest Control Specialist

Do your research when sifting through prospective pest control contractors.

Another helpful tip is to ensure your pet control contractor isn’t going to nickel and dime you. Ask if re-treatments are free, and make sure they’re covered under the contractor’s service guarantee.

Ensure they have a record of timeliness and don’t let them upcharge you for same or next-day services. You need your home pest-free ASAP. Your contractor should understand that and not charge you more than the expressed fee.

A final piece of advice: know what pesticides, repellents, and/or bait your contractor is using. How will it be applied? Will it damage or leave residue in your home?

Ideally, no. And your contractor should happily provide the information to you upfront so you know exactly the service your getting.

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Pest control costs are widely varied. If you notice an infestation breakout beginning, get a jump on it! Hire certified professionals who can get rid of unwanted pests and save you some money, to boot.

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