How to Get Rid of Bees

how to get rid of bees

In the United States, there were 192,384 bee colonies that were managed by beekeepers as of October 2020. While bees provide many important benefits to the environment, they can also be considered a pest for many homeowners.

Are you dealing with a bee problem and want to learn how to get rid of bees?

There are multiple situations that require different courses of action. The easiest way to quickly get rid of these is to hire a professional pest control company. But if you’re looking for a do-it-yourself solution, this guide might help.


Relocate the Hive

One of the first things you need to do when you are dealing with bees is to relocate their hive. While it is not recommended that you remove a beehive on your own, there are ways that you can do it safely.

Bee Removal Services

First, you need to wear protective clothing to protect yourself from bee stings. It is also recommended to wait until nighttime when the bees are resting inside the hive.

Before you move the hive, cover it with fabric or mesh to keep the bees trapped inside. Then, you can move it to a safer area on your property. To make this process even easier, it is best to contact an experienced beekeeper or a pest control company to help with the bee removal.

Even if you have an empty hive on your property, it is important that you remove it. Bees will often take over an abandoned hive, so this can lead to another bee infestation in the future.

Identify & Seal Entry Points

After you have removed and relocated the hive, you must seal entry points in your home. Bees often nest in small openings and holes. Because of this, there are many places on the exterior of your home that are perfect for bees.

This includes behind the siding of your home, in the eaves of your roof, and more. Bees can also cause serious damage to the structure of your home, so sealing these entry points will prevent them from nesting in the future.

Purchase Bee Traps

If you are still dealing with a bee problem after these first two steps, you can purchase bee traps. These are non-toxic alternatives to insecticides that attract bees and other stinging insects into the trap.

The captured insects will die inside the trap. This is a safe and easy way to remove bees from your property without the risk of getting stung. There are also ways that you can build your own traps for bees if you don’t want to buy them.

Sprinkle Cinnamon on the Hive

If you don’t want to kill the bees on your property, there are also other ways that you can force them to relocate. One easy way to do this is by sprinkling cinnamon on their hive or around their hive.

Cinnamon is a natural bee repellant. Bees do not like the smell of cinnamon, so they will find a different place to live. If the nest smells like cinnamon, it will also discourage future bee colonies from living in this nest.


When you choose to use this method, you may need to reapply the cinnamon every day for a week. You should also be sure to wear protective equipment. Once the bees smell the cinnamon, they may come out of the hive and try to sting you.


Water Your Lawn Regularly

If you have bees that are nesting in the ground, you can also remove them by frequently watering your lawn. Bees will often nest in small holes in the dry patches of your lawn.

Because the dry ground is easy to bury in, watering your lawn will make it difficult for new colonies of bees to nest in your ground. Because of this, watering your lawn will remove current infestations and will prevent future colonies from nesting!

You can also plant additional ground cover on your lawn. This will make it difficult for bees to burrow into the ground.

Use Insecticides

As a last resort, you can use insecticides or other chemicals to remove bees from your property. Insecticides come in sprays, powders, and other forms, which make them easy to apply no matter where the nest is.

When you use a powder insecticide, the bees will bring it with them further into the nest. This way, you can exterminate the entire colony of bees at once!

Hire a Professional

Finally, you should hire a pest control service to help you with bee control. This is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that you remove all the bees from your property.

It is also necessary to hire a professional exterminator if the bees have built nests in hard-to-reach areas of your home, like in the walls. A professional bee control company will know exactly how to remove or relocate a hive.

This way, you can protect the bees while still removing them from your property!

Professional exterminating companies will also provide you with free quotes for pest control services. This makes it easy to shop around for bee control costs that fit your budget.

Learn How to Get Rid of Bees

A bee infestation is a nuisance but it can also cause serious damage to your home. By following each of these tips, you can learn how to get rid of bees protect your home and personal safety.

If you need help from a professional bee removal company, Pest Extinct can help! Our online guides and cost calculators can help you find the best bee extermination services in your area.

Contact our team today to compare quotes for pest control costs in your area and for other pest control tips!


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