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How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

Is your home becoming a mice host? If so, it’s high time you adopt some key mice control tips.

There are some diseases that mice can spread in your home. Mice can also gnaw your furniture items and drywall, causing damage to your home.

Good pest control mice will keep you safe from possible health problems. You will also protect the integrity and value of your home.

Maybe you’re seeing mice all over your house and don’t know what to do. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of mice in your home with professional mice control.

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Block the Entry Points

Sealing holes and large cracks in your house is a key mouse control tip. Take time to access various entry points in your home.

One may assume that a small-sized crack may not allow mice in the house. Mice enlarge the small cracks on the walls very easily. So, seal every crack or hole you find in your house.

Try fitting a pen/pencil into the crack. Seal the entry point immediately you see the pen fitting effortlessly.

There are key points to check for cracks and holes – drywalls and wall openings.

The sealant you use matters. Don’t use plastic, wood, or rubber. Caulking and steel wool are the best options.

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Clean Your House

This tip will save you from incurring extreme pest control mice cost. Keeping your house clean is a key pest control tip you shouldn’t ignore.

Cleanliness will also deter other pests like bedbugs, termites, flies, and raccoons.

The kitchen is the first mice destination. Get rid of all food leftovers in the kitchen. Also, keep your dustbin clean.

Remove all mice nest materials, droppings, and urine. This will keep your living environment clean and healthy.

Ensure you disinfect your house properly after getting rid of mice.

Properly arrange your household items after cleaning. By this, you’ll easily eliminate the mice hiding places.

Call a Mice Exterminator

A mice exterminator is good for homes with many mice. First, you need to know the cost of mice exterminators. This will also help you set the right mice control budget.

Your home size may determine the mice exterminator cost you incur. The pest control used by the exterminator may also determine the cost.

When should you call a mice exterminator? This is a question to ask yourself today.

One sign you should call a mice exterminator is many mice in your house. If you’re seeing mice now and then, don’t hesitate to call a pest control expert.

Mice droppings and urine reflects many rodents in your house. Contact a good exterminator as soon as you see this sign.

Mice nests, gnaw marks, and bad odor are other signs you need a mice exterminator.

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Use Hot Pepper Solutions

This is one of the most effective and cost-efficient natural mouse repellents. Cayenne pepper is the best option for mice control.

Don’t spray the pepper solution in areas frequented by children or pets.

Hot pepper solution is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t cause allergic reactions like other artificial pesticides.

Hot pepper solution can dry very fast. So, mix the cayenne pepper with garlic and salad oil. This will make it stick on the surfaces and floors for a long time.

Get a Cat

Having a cat is the most effective way of controlling mice in your house. Many cats find fun in hunting mice.

Besides killing the mice, cats’ urine also deters mice. The cat’s urine has ammonia, which prevents mice from getting into the house.

There is a solution for people who cannot own cats in their apartments. Here, you just need to buy an ammonia solution. Leave a piece of cloth soaked with ammonia in areas frequented by mice.

A cat litter can also be a solution if you can’t own a cat. Keeping the cat litter in areas visited by mice will deter the rodents.

Use Mouse Traps

Mousetraps are also very effective, and affordable mice control methods. There are several best mouse traps you can choose from.

Some options to consider are snap traps, glue, and electric mouse traps.

You can decide to buy or set your own mouse trap. There are things to consider when you decide to buy a mouse trap.

Ensure that your mouse trap has a bait. This is for attracting mice.

How you set your mouse bait also matters a lot. Ensure that the bait is quite small. The mice have to step on the trap to reach the bait.

Don’t only rely on one trap. Place your mouse traps where mice are frequent.

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Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is among the recommended ideas for getting rid of mice. It is the best method for killing mice and other rodents.

Baking soda releases excessive gas when ingested by mice. This causes the mice’s stomachs to swell, eventually killing them.

Only large quantities of baking soda can quickly kill mice. So, you need a way to entice the mice to consume more of this homemade mice poison.

The baking soda should be sweet to entice mice to consume large quantities. Mix the baking soda with flour and sugar in equal amounts.

Although baking soda isn’t harmful to humans, it can cause skin irritations. So, wear gloves when making baking soda poison.

This mice control method has several benefits. First, it is a cheap option. It will save you a lot of money, especially when there are many mice in your home.

Baking soda is also easily available. So, you can eliminate the mice any time you want.

Baking soda is not toxic to humans and pets. No need to worry about suffering health complications when making baking soda poison.

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Use This Mice Control Guide

Mice can cause serious damage to your home. Besides this, it can also risk your family’s health. Mice control is essential to enjoying a comfortable and healthy home.

Mice control doesn’t have to be expensive. Consider this guide to get rid of mice in your home efficiently.

Is your home infested with mice? PestExtinct.com is a guide and pest calculator for pest control services. We’ll help you compare prices to get most affordable pest control services.

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